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To carry on the work of Christ in the knowledge of His soon return. Matthew 28:18-20.



The Cumberland SDA Church is pleased to have and to invite you to a

beautiful Christmas concert featuring Jaime Jorge.


Jaime is a very gifted violinist who also has an inspiring story to share.

Jaime began playing the violin at the age of five. Born and raised in

communist Cuba, he was given many opportunities-including an offer

to study in Moscow with some of the greatest musicians of our time-if

only he and his family would renounce their belief in God.

They refused.


When Jaime was ten, miraculously, his family was given the

opportunity to leave the country.  They came to the United States, 

where Jaime received a Christian education and violin lessons with eminent violinist

and teacher Cyrus Forough.


But Jaime dreamed of being a missionary doctor, and in 1994 he entered the

University of Illinois School of Medicine.


In 1996, he left medical school and a promising medical career to follow God’s call

to devote his life to full-time music ministry.


Since 1988 he has traveled over 6 million air miles and has played on 6 continents and in over 80 countries

(he’s waiting for an invitation to play for penguins in Antarctica to visit all 7 continents).


He has recorded and released 17 albums. We welcome Jaime to our church and we know that you will be blessed and uplifted by his beautiful and inspiring music!


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